Dombud - MAHLE

Construction of a three-aisle production and warehouse hall with a three-story office and social building, a two-story technical building with technical infrastructure and land development.

The 18.5 m high hall structure is made of steel columns and a steel roof structure, equipped with an overhead crane with a load capacity of 50 t, an IMV800 mechanical press and the necessary technical installations enabling production.

An office building made of brick and reinforced concrete technology with monolithic ceilings and HC265 pre-stressed concrete slabs, finished to a high standard.

Technical building with reinforced concrete columns and composite ceiling – HC265 pre-stressed concrete slabs on steel beams.

Investor details: MAHLE Behr Sp. z o.o.
Place of implementation: Ostrów Wielkopolski
Area of the facility under construction: 6,140 m2
Completion date: 2023/2024