The beginning of the company’s activity goes back to the year 1990, when the two Brothers Jan and Henryk Czubak started the mutual undertaking named “Przedsiębiorstwo DOMBUD”.

At the beginning of our activity the company, having at its disposal the stock capital and hiring the employees, started an arduous path of constructing its own image and potential. The first realized orders were related with using of the building-overhaul works. As the time passed by ‘DOMBUD’ faced greater and greater challenges, realizing more and more orders. Together with systematic evelopment, the company increased its capital. The stable position caused that in 1995 the owners bought the ground at Ludomiry Namysł Street in Odolanów, wherein the first Production Plant of Steel Constructions was established.

The first plant Ludomiry Namysł Street in Odolanów.

At the beginning we produced small Sewage Treatment Plants, next more and more spacious constructions of halls. Fruitful activity of DOMBUD Company allowed to realize some larger, more complicated projects. Then a restriction appeared here – insufficient production space. The owners were forced to build in 2005 quite a larger Production Plant of Steel Constructions. This investment occurred to be an instant hit. It allowed to have significantly larger scope of production, and in this way – significantly larger company’s stock capital.

Plant at Leśna 2 Street in Odolanów.

In 2013 the Company’s Board decided about successive extension of the Production Plant of Steel Constructions, because production capacities became insufficient for servicing of the external and internal orders. In 2015 further extension of this plant was finished, since then and on we have had successive three production halls for making of steel constructions and the office building.

Plant at Leśna 2 Street in Odolanów.