The second area of the Dombud Sp. z o.o. Ltd. Company is production of steel constructions, which we make for the needs of our own complex realizations, as well as for the clients being interested only in steel construction. The steel constructions are produced in our plant in Odolanów, at ul. Leśna 2 Street.

We offer the following services to our Clients:

  • Making of post-performance designs, making and assembling of steel construction
  • Making of steel constructions according to the designs delivered by the Orderer
  • Assembling of steel constructions
  • Optimization of the designs

We perform the following steel constructions:

  • Steel-made halls
  • Grid constructions
  • Plate girder constructions
  • Estacades
  • Technological platforms
  • Pylons, advertisement masts
  • Atypical steel constructions

For making of steel constructions the company possesses the qualified staff and appropriate certificates and authorizations: